Press Release Submission

Who in this modern internet world would not require publicity! There are various means of obtaining publicity but the most effective way is through press releases. But writing a press release is easier said then done. A press release is written with different components and elements involved in it. They are :

Headline – This is at the top and it is the most important thing. It is used in grabbing attention and can also be considered as a news summary.

Dateline – This is another major aspect of any press release. It displays the release date along with the city of origin of the press release.

Introduction – This forms the first paragraph providing a general review of the release covering who, what, when, where and why.

Body – This forms the main portion of the press release and provides information, stats, and other details regarding the news agenda.

Boilerplate – This forms a small section for “about us” or “about the company”, where information of the individual or the company, is provided.

Closing – This is the final component of the press release and includes contact information of the release providers, necessary for the readers to contact.

Benefits of a Press Release :

* Press Releases are far more effective than most methods used during advertising.
* A press release as compared to an advertisement has more in depth information and is to the point.
* A press release helps to build credibility like no other medium in advertising.

Press Release Writing and Distribution :

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* All Submissions include the following :
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