Online Reputation Management

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly – if people are talking about your brand, you should know it. Vision Websters Pvt Ltd takes you one step further, and enables you to manage interactions for all three sentiments!

Brand image awareness is important – by engaging with users through reactive and proactive interactions we help companies work towards corporate objectives, aligning online activity with the Marketing, PR, Customer Service, and Business Intelligence goals.

Vision Websters Pvt Ltd takes the potential Bad and Ugly buzz and controls it before the negative sentiment turns into brand irritation.

Because we track millions of blogs and social media platforms we can effectively help clients address complaints promptly, engage in industry-specific discussions and preempt the fearful Snowball Effect – when an offline event produces negative reactions online which are picked up by the mainstream media, resulting in a tainted brand image.

Managing the ‘Good’ is as important as handling the negative. It takes a deft touch – leading on users and bombarding them with ‘positive’ posts will result in a backlash. Our expertise in the social media scene comes into play when creating and maintaining a positive brand image. Positive buzz results in increased brand loyalty, reduced tensions between users and the company, and also leads to increased sales and user interactions.

We help organizations with online reputation management with proactive communications to re-align brand proposition or re-positioning, with an aim of minimized business loss and elimination of online reputation damage.

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