Article Submission

Article submission has become one of the major factor for Search Engine Optimization purposes. A beautifully written article with the appropriate amount of keywords density will help in attracting the search engine spiders to the website and thus helping in enhancing your visibility on the internet. After these things, in the end, you will benefit from, 1) A good ROI on your website, and 2) Constant Targetted Traffic to your website.

We offer both manual and automated article submission services solutions so that you stay ahead of the competitors.

We have a dedicated team of professionals in this industry who have a good knowledge and expertise regarding article submission in various directories. We shall handle 2 types of aspects :

1) Editing your article to make it appropriate as per the guidelines used by the article submission directories.
2) Provide services that include writing an article, searching and placing appropriate keywords in the article for final submission.

For the second point, we do not charge you any extra pricing for research or finding appropriate keywords. We aim to provide you with improved visibility on the web to stay one step ahead of the growing competition.

We offer manual submissions too, which can be time consuming but effective, through our dedicated team of experts who take care of your submissions. The main point for manual submissions is that a few websites require us to create a username and password to initiate the account opening for articles to be submitted. We ensure to create a unique id (matching your domain keyword) for your website and submit articles on behalf of your company. We also make modifications in the articles required as per the guidelines for each submission directory.

* All Submissions include the following :

Submissions will be manually done.
Submissions will be done in the most appropriate category only.
No hidden costs involved.
Duration represents the working days.
We would be accountable for submissions only. PR represents the PR of the home page of the directories.

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